Sample Timeline Using Timeline JS

So. This is my first timeline using Timeline JS. I am most drawn to this tool because I am currently using timelines as a framework for notetaking in my history classes. I also think timelines have a bad reputation; I’d like to think that create a more visual experience might make timelines cool again. In general, it is not a difficult tool to utilize, but as with all tools, it must be wielded effectively for it to be useful.

Lessons learned/Notes for next time

-this timeline should be as visual as possible: NO links to articles!

  • the first slide with the video from the MNHS is the most captivating (to me, at least)
  • the second slide with a link to an article was not useful at all
  • the third slide works, but a map of the Nez Perce trail might have been better?

-even if the tool seems “easy”, the more prepared I can be in advance, the better

  • plan everything out first!
  • what should be on the timeline?
  • why?
  • which format is best for each event on the timeline?

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